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The effect of Cyanide on (electron transport chain) is on the specification so it's a good idea to learn this. Always refer to how Cyanide prevents oxygen from binding to the final molecule in the ETC.

Hope it helps

Hi Simon99, 

I completed my A Level Biology in 2016 and I found that although it is a good idea to learn about and understand the effects of cyanide on respiration in order to deal with the application part of the exam, it is not one of the main principles so it is best to concentrate on other aspects of the course.  As long as you can briefly outline the effects, you will be absolutely fine! Good luck!


The exact specification can be found here http://filestore.aqa.org.uk/resources/biology/specifications/AQA-7401-7402-SP-2015.PDF

Respiration is under section 3.5 Energy Transfer in Organisms

Always a great idea to read through the specification yourself so you know exactly what is required of you (hence why I’m giving you the link but not the direct answer :)).

Hope this helps,

All the best,


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